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The Peakvox Escape Virus HD is now coming to Steam!!

Peakvox has started to release worldwide new game [peakvox Escape Virus HD] via Steam
on 9th November 2016.(*PDT )

"Link! Link! Escape! Link! ...Sometimes get the viruses!"

In this game you control cute DNA as you try to escape from viruses and rescue your allies.
Don't forget to pick up various items for hit the viruses.
There are various five modes that each fun and addicting.

  • peakvox escapevirus_screenshot1
  • peakvox escapevirus_screenshot2
  • peakvox escapevirus_screenshot3
  • peakvox escapevirus_screenshot4
  • peakvox escapevirus_screenshot5
  • peakvox escapevirus_screenshot6
  • peakvox escapevirus_screenshot7
    Show us your best score in the world ranking!
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    Good job! Do you deserve a reward?
peakvox Escape Virus HD Steam Site
peakvox Escape Virus HD 1st Trailer
peakvox Escape Virus HD 1st Trailer
Title peakvox Escape Virus HD
Target destinations World Wide
Platform Steam(Windows PC)
Localized Languages English/Japanese
Genre Escape Action
Price $6.99 USD (30%OFF Launch sale now!)
Release Date Nov/9/2016 *PDT

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